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41st ZAGREB SALON - International Exhibition of Photography 2024

Opening of applications: 25.06.2024.
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41st Zagreb salon - International Exhibition of Photography 2024.

Zagreb Salon is international contest of art photography organized by Fotoklub Zagreb, Croatia. 41st Zagreb Salon will be conducted in accordance with the requirements and practices of The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).


There are 5 sections, all digital.

  • - Open color
  • - Open monochrome
  • - Red and black (red and black must be the dominant colors)
  • - Bridge (color/monochrome), structure built to span a physical obstacle
  • - Fog (color/monochrome)


  • - FIAP blue badge for the best author of the salon
  • - FIAP gold, silver and bronze medal, and 6 FIAP Ribbons for each section
  • - IAAP gold, silver and bronze medal, and 6 IAAP Ribbons for each section
  • - Zagreb Salon gold, silver and bronze medal and 3 Honorable mention for each section
  • - Fotoklub Zagreb gold, silver and bronze medal and 3 Honorable mention for each section
  • - Hrvatski Fotosavez gold, silver and bronze medal for each section
  • - All together 137 awards

Each author can receive only one award in each section.

Entry fee

  • 20 € for all 5 sections
  • 30 € for all 5 sections with printed catalog
  • 15 € for groups of 10 or more authors without printed catalog

The fee can be paid only with PayPal at:

Submission of works

An Entry consists of, up to and including, four (4) images entered by a single entrant into the same Section. An entrant may only enter a specific Section once.

Uploading will be through our web site: (Entry form filled online).

Photos must be in JPG file format:
- Image file must be a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high.
- The file size of the individual image should not exceed 3 MB.

Awarded photos will be printed by the organizer for the exhibition.


- All participants will receive report card notifications via e-mail. The results of the judging will also be published on our website


- Closing date: 15.09.2024.

- End of judging: 28.09.2024.

- Report cards: 15.10.2024.

- Exhibition dates: 17.12.2024. – 31.12.2024.

- Sending awards and printed catalogue: 10.12.2024.

Exhibition location: Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica Ul. Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, 10000, Zagreb

Image and Entry requirements

Pictures created by artificial intelligence are not allowed in any salon with FIAP Patronage! All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author who is holding the copyright of all works submitted. Offenders will be sanctioned for life!

This exhibition is open to anyone; however, an entry may be rejected when the Sponsor or the Exhibition Organizers, in their reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and these Conditions of Entry. Membership in any photographic organization is not required.

Image Creation

Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally.


By virtue of submitting an image, the entrant certifies the work as his or her own. Images may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else (for example: clip art, images or art by others downloaded from the Internet). Aliases are not allowed. The entrant permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. Note: Entrants who indicate that their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for awards” or inclusion in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the exhibition sponsors. The exhibition assumes no liability of any misuse of copyright

Alteration and Computer Generation

Subject to Divisional restrictions (particularly Nature, Photo Travel, and Photojournalism) images may be altered, either electronically or otherwise, by the maker. Adjustments to enhance images or creatively modify images are allowed providing the underlying photograph is retained in a way that is obvious to the viewer. Images may not be constructed entirely with a computer, and must be the sole work of the author

Re-use of accepted images

Once an image has been accepted in this exhibition it may not be entered again in any future instances of this exhibition. It may, of course, be entered in any other FIAP recognised exhibitions but must always have the same title.


Each image must have a unique title that is a description of the image. That unique title must be used for entry of that image or of an identical image in to any and all Recognized exhibitions. No titles may be visible to the judges, and nothing in the image may identify the maker. Titles may not include file extensions such as jpg or jpeg (or any other camera capture filenames such as IMG 471). Titles may not consist of personal identifiers possibly augmented by a number; or include words such as “untitled” or “no title”. Titles may not consist solely of numbers unless those numbers are prominently contained within the image, such as a contestant number in a race.

Color and Monochrome

Color and Monochrome images from the same capture that share substantial pictorial content in common will be considered the same image and must be given the same title. An image may be entered in only one section.


By entering this exhibition, you are explicitly consenting to the personal details you have supplied, including email addresses, being held, processed and used by the exhibition organizers for purposes associated with this exhibition. You also explicitly consent to such information being sent to organizations that have accorded official recognition, patronage or accreditation to this exhibition. You acknowledge and accept that entering this exhibition means that the status and results of your entry may be made public.


Statement on Subject Matter applicable to all sections

The fundamental rule that must be observed at all times and applies to all sections offered in exhibitions with FIAP patronage is that the welfare of living creatures is more important than any photograph. This means that practices such as baiting of subjects with a living creature and removal of birds from nests, for the purpose of obtaining a photograph, are highly unethical, and such photographs are not allowed in any exhibition with FIAP. Under no circumstances may a living creature be placed in a situation where it will be killed, injured or stressed for the purpose of obtaining a photograph. This rule applies regardless of whether or not the creature being killed, injured or stressed is visible in the captured image.

There are also concerns about the use of aerial photography, drones, helicopters, low flying aircraft. These should not cause any interference with other individuals or animals which causes a disturbance in their normal activity or disrupt the way any individuals or animals interact with their environment.

Entry in this exhibition is conditional on accepting these policies. The content of images must comply with these General Conditions and with the Division and Section definitions listed in these conditions. Images that - in the sole opinion of the judges or the Exhibition Organizers - do not comply, will be disqualified so the entrant may be aware of the problem when considering entry into other exhibitions with FIAP patronage,

FIAP Definition of the black and white photography (monochrome)

A black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) to stand in the colour category; such a work requires colour reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.

Breaches of Rules

FIAP: The mention that by the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection the following terms: - that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP, - that FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking, - that any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP, that in case of sanctions following the noncompliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to ease eventual investigations. If, at any time, it is determined in the reasonable discretion of the exhibition organizer or the judges before, during, or after the judging of an exhibition that an entrant has submitted entries where one or more images may fail to comply with these Conditions of Entry, including the stated definitions, the exhibition organizers reserve the right to delete the entry from the exhibition and void any or all acceptances or awards in connection with the exhibition. Fees may be forfeited or refunded in these circumstances. The entrant acknowledges that the decision of the exhibition organizers or the judges is final.


In order to have legal authority on those who do not respect the rules of FIAP, the organizer must make sure that all participants of an online event under FIAP Patronage tick a box next to which the following text is stated:

I hereby expressly agree to the FIAP document 040/2023 « Conditions and regulations for FIAP Patronage » and FIAP document 038/2023 « Sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list » I am particularly aware of chapter II « Regulations for International photographic events under FIAP patronage » of FIAP document 040/2023, dealing under Section II.2 and II.3 with the FIAP participation rules, the sanctions for breaching FIAP regulations and the red list.

Informations and contact:
Salon chairman: Zvonko Radičanin, EFIAP/d2
Phone: +38514833359
Address: Ilica 29, 10000 Zagreb


Propositions - PDF version

Member Bio image

Davor Dolenčić

Davor Dolenčić, AFIAP, was born in 1971 in Čakovec and currently lives with his family in Lendava, Slovenia. His photographic activity is primarily focused on creative original photography. His photographs artfully capture moments in time. Nature motifs, cities, portraits, street life, the human body, conceptual photography, and studio experimentation all encompass his body of work. In his practice, he is simultaneously cultivating realistic figurative photography that is faithful to nature, and abstract photography that prioritizes vision over resemblance to nature.

Dolenčić is very active in promoting photography as an art form. Through his engagement and effort, he has connected and encouraged cooperation among photo clubs across Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia, and realized several very successful international projects.

Since 2014 he has been organizing the international photo salon Pannonia Reflections under the patronage of FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art), PSA (Photographic Society of America), and FZS (Photographic Association of Slovenia).
Member Bio image

Zoran Kolarić

ZORAN KOLARIĆ, EFIAP/b, was born in 1971. in Čakovec, Croatia.
He has been engaged in photography since 2010.
His photographic work focuses mainly on street, portrait and nude photography.
Up til today, he held six solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.
He has participated in more than one hundred group international and national photography exhibitions.
He received more than hundred awards and recognitions in Croatia and abroad.
He is the holder of the exhibition title of Exellence Federation Internationale de l’art Phatographiqe (EFIAP/b).
He is also active as a photography educator, as a lecturer, workshop leader, member of photographic juries, and a writer of photographic essays and reviews.
He is a member of Photo club Zagreb.
Member Bio image

Damir Rajle

Damir Rajle, EFIAP, MF2 HFS, was born in Osijek, where he graduated from High School for Construction, Department of Geodesy. Back then, while attending the classes in Photogrammetry, he became interested in photography. Later this interest deepened at the same course at the Faculty of Geodesy in Zagreb. He graduated from the Faculty with the final thesis on the topic in photogrammetry. He has worked at the Institute of Geodesy in Osijek in the department of photogrammetry and aerial photography. In 2000 he started to work as a freelance photographer for the Osijek daily newspaper “Glas Slavonije” and since then he has been providing photo services to nearly all Croatian and some foreign daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.As a member of the Photo Club Osijek, due to his professional and exhibition experience, he has held a dozen of workshops and courses in the basics of digital photography from 2006. to this day. For this he was awarded the City of Osijek and the Osijek-Baranja County acknowledgement for the achievements in photography and the education of youth.

Today Damir is teaching photography at Graditeljsko – geodetska škola Osijek (High School for Construction and Geodesy), as well as at Algebra University College. Although he has been the official photographer of the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek since 2004. to 2015., which he sees as the biggest personal challenge in photography, he prefers "open space" and travelogue photography.

By participating in numerous exhibitions under thepatronage of FIAP, he earned the honorary title of EFIAP, and the national title of Master of photography of the second level of the Croatian Photographic Association. He is the author of six independent exhibitions in reference exhibition spaces in Osijek, Budapest, Ulm and Berlin, as well as one photo monograph "Sketches of Slavonia" by the German publisher Verlag Danube Books.


"I like Zagreb Salon because it is one of the oldes photography salons in the world!"

Mike, USA

"I'd love with my words to thank all the people that voted for me to the international photography competition 37 Zagreb salon 2016 than ive won the silver medal (PSA - photographic Society of America) to the category "open color". special thanks to Vera Juric for her invitation and her support!"

Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Greece

"Zagreb Salon je jedinstveni događaj u ovom dijelu Europe - šteta ga je propustiti kao natjecatelj!"

Alenka, Slovenija

"Bio mi je zadovoljstvo sudjelovati na tako važnom i velikom međunarodom natječaju"

Marta, Poland

"Prijaviti ću se i ove godine, jer je sve bilo iznimno dobro organizirano sa izuzetno kvalitetnim odabirom fotografija"

Siddharth, India

"Cijena je povoljna, žiriranje odlično, a sama izložba u Mimari je doživljaj za sebe - sigurno ću se opet prijaviti!"

Tamara, Cipar



blue badge for the best author of the salon


gold, silver and bronze medal, and 6 FIAP Ribbons for each section

Zagreb Salon

gold, silver and bronze medal and 3 Honorable mention for each section



gold, silver and bronze medal, and 6 IAAP Ribbons for each section


gold, silver and bronze medal for each section


award for best Croatian author

All together 137 awards

Each author can receive only one award in each section.









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